Wondershare DVD Creator Mac 视频编辑软件 v6.1.0.6

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知您网为知友带来的是一款Mac上的一款视频制作软件—Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac破解版,这款软件有着内置的编辑器,让您可以对您的视频进行修改,并且如果您使用这款软件录制DVD,那么您还可以在制作时实时的查看DVD的视频效果。

Wondershare DVD Creator Mac 视频编辑软件
所属分类:大小50M-100M  视频编辑 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.10及以上 大小:70.89MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2020年03月25日


Wondershare DVD Creator Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款优秀的视频制作软件。可以全面的支持M4A,3GP,MOV,MPG,MTS,VOB,FLV,MKV,RM,RMVB等视频格式创建DVD视频光盘。并可以通过在传统DVD播放机上播放,连接电视机欣赏自己制作的DVD光盘等强大的功能。
Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac破解版功能介绍
想用拍摄的视频或照片制作自己的电影?或者只是想在电脑上刻录你的电影到DVD?无论你想看什么,Wondershare DVD Creator都可以做到。
Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac破解版功能特色
• 旋转,裁剪和修剪视频文件以删除信箱,裁剪或捕捉您最喜爱的剪辑;
• 调整视频亮度,对比度,饱和度和其他特殊效果,以获得更好的视觉体验;
• 将图像和文字水印添加到视频中,以将每部电影识别为您的电影;
• 更好的照片:旋转照片,为照片添加文字,添加照片过渡效果并插入背景音乐,以获得更好的照片幻灯片制作。
•支持所有流行的可刻录光盘类型:DVD-5和DVD-9; DVD-R,DVD + R,DVD-RW,DVD + RW,DVD + R DL,DVD-R DL,DVD-RAM。

BMP(* .bmp; *。rel; *。dib),JPEG(* .jpg; *。jpeg;),PNG(* .png),TIFF(* .tif; * .tiff),GIF(* .gif ),ICO
高清AVI,MTS / M2TS / TS / TRP,高清WMV,高清MKV,高清MOV,高清MPG,高清MP4


Wondershare DVD Creator is a simple and practical DVD creator. It enables you to burn almost any video file into DVD with high quality at high speed on your Mac.
With build-in editors, you can personalize your videos/slideshow by applying static and dynamic menu templates, adding your favorite song as background music.
What’s more, Wondershare DVD Creator allows you to preview video in real time to ensure all goes as you want.
Key Features:
>>>Create DVD from All Sorts of Videos
+ Burn almost all video formats into DVD, including MOV, MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MTS, HD videos, etc.
+ Easily import your videos/slideshows created by iMovie.
+ Convert the videos shot by your iPhone 6s, GoPro, camcorder and any other devices.
+ Convert downloaded videos or movies from YouTube, or torrent sites, like Vuze, etc. to DVD
>>>Create a unique slideshow with practical editing tools
+ Make a slideshow by your photos with just a drag-and-drop.
+ Add, delete, rotate your photo as you wish, and you can even add explanation on it by applying text.
+ Transition effects are provided to make the images flow in a creative manner from one to the next.
+ Set your favorite song as the background music of the photo slideshow.
>>>Built-in editor lets you retouch your videos
+ Rotate, crop and trim video files to remove black bars or to adapt to a different screen sizes
+ Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation and other special effects for a better visual experience.
+ Apply effects such as Old film, Gray to customize your clip.
+ Add image and text watermarks to videos to identify each film as yours.
>>>Personalize you DVD with free and original menu templates
+ 4 types of menu templates for you to customize your DVD, and you can free download more on our website.
+ Add your own background music and photo, set title thumbnail, add text to customize the DVD menu as you like.
>>>Easy and Fast DVD Creation
+ Preview the original and output videos with a built-in player before you save a final DVD.
+ Support acceleration high-techs to ensure fast speed.
+ 4 output formats can be chosen: DVD disc, DVD folder, .dvdmedia and ISO files.
+ TV Standard Support: NTSC, PAL


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文件下载 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.10及以上 大小:70.89MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解
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