Wirecast Mac 支持多机位的现场网络视频直播工具 v13.1.2(70.960d41d1)

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还不知道Mac上怎么采集视频吗?Wirecast for Mac可以帮助您哦!符合专业人士需要的视频制作功能,包括色键、过渡特技、三维图文、内置字幕或是下方字幕、虚拟3D前景、背景、虚拟布景和内建的比分模板等等!

Wirecast Mac 支持多机位的现场网络视频直播工具
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Telestream Wirecast Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款功能强大的多机位直播软件,将现场多摄像机画面切换和专业人士需要的现场视频制作功能集于一身,功能包括色键、过渡特技、三维图文、内置字幕或是下方字幕、虚拟3D前景、背景、虚拟布景和内建的比分模板,可以为网上直播创建精美的广播级质量画面。
Wirecast for Mac破解版功能介绍
Telestream开发的Wirecast Pro将现场多摄像机画面切换和专业人士需要的现场视频制作功能集于一身,功能包括色键、过渡特技、三维图文、内置字幕或是下方字幕、虚拟3D前景、背 景、虚拟布景和内建的比分模板,可以为网上直播创建精美的广播级质量画面。当准备就绪时,Wirecast支持现场编码为流行的流媒体格式,包括 QuickTime、On2 Flash 8、H.264和Windows Media。
iOS 8相机、电脑桌面、网页和更多。
Wirecast for Mac破解版功能特色
1、Wirecast - 把你的电脑变成一台电视演播室
5、画中画 - 让观众看到多个来源,包括主持人/主机
6、色度键,3D图形和过渡 - 能够创建专业品质的网络广播
9、同时编码多个位速率 - 用于各种质量的选择。


Wirecast is an all-in-one live streaming production application that provides the required tools to capture video, encode it and broadcast it to multiple servers and platforms at the same time.
Support for a wide variety of camera models
You can use Wirecast with an unlimited number of camera inputs ranging from web cams to DV/HDV, SDI cameras to IP and web-based sources and wireless devices. You just have to plugin your device and Wirecast will automatically recognize it as a live feed.
The supported input sources include USB, Web cams, SDI, composite, S-Video, DV/HDV, Component, HD-SDI, HDMI sources, IP Cameras, ONVIF, Web stream source and screen capture sources.
What is more, you can use Desktop Presenter to broadcast your own desktop if you need to display Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, product demonstrations, online interviews or game streams.
Layer-based editing system
Moreover, Wirecast features support for up to 35 layers of live compositing. Hence, you can effortlessly place watermarks, background music and other visual elements over your webcast.
As expected, you can also add titles and lower thirds, with more than 30 built-in professional looking broadcast title themes. You just have to select the one that fits your content, type in the text and apply it to your broadcast.
You can also use well-designed transitions to switch from different sources and generate effects and transitions in real time.
Live stream
By using Wirecast, you can easily stream to multiple destinations using different bitrates at the same time. Thus, you can stream in both SD and HD to a live streaming service and even your own internal streaming server.
You can stream and or save your production to your Mac’s hard disk if you intend to archive the video or distribute it on-demand. Wirecast’s External Display Output feature helps you display your live Wirecast stream on an external monitor for your in-house audience.

Version 13.1.1:
New & Improved:

  • Added logging and improvements for Rendezvous connection states. We also now indicate which guests in the Session are using the TURN server in the Rendezvous Dashboard
  • Added PTZ Controller Profile for the 1Beyond PTZ cameras


  • Facebook Live has deprecated continuous live (ambient) streaming, so we removed that option from our Facebook output settings
  • Fixed an issue where if you hit the space bar to transition a shot to Live, you could inadvertently stop your recording
  • Gave you back the ability to set the default action when your Countdown Clock reaches 0
  • We now will display up to 8K video dimensions from Task Sources
  • Fixed a bug where the code for Facebook Live with User Code would disappear before it could be copied
  • Fixed an issue where audio muted within shot layers was not muted in the Rendezvous Live output audio
  • We were unable to connect to RTMP endpoints when the DNS server would take longer than 3 seconds to respond. We increased the timeout to 15 seconds
  • Connecting to Rendezvous and screen sharing no longer greys out all microphone options
  • Fixed the localization on a message for the Stock Media Library
  • Fixed a bug where Rendezvous Guests would confusingly hear their own audio in the document mix if they have reconnected to the Session
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Rendezvous guest joined a Session with certain Unicode characters (such as emojis) in their username
  • Fixed an issue where your Output Settings window wouldn’t display correctly if chose Cloud Settings first
  • Made fonts available again for the Clock widget
  • For Catalina users, we have disabled Global Hotkeys due to a conflict with MacOS which was causing crashing


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