Things Mac 优秀的GTD任务管理工具 v3.12.3(31203506)

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Things Mac 优秀的GTD任务管理工具
所属分类:任务/日历  小于50M  精选 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.11及以上 大小:22.59MB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2020年04月29日


Things Mac软件破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款非常优秀的任务管理软件,它严格按照GTD流程来规划人们的任务安排,设计方式也和很多其他 to-do 应用有很大差别。 目前Mac、iPad、iPhone同步上线,支持云端同步to-do列表,同时支持Macbook Pro的Retina显示屏。
Things for Mac破解版功能介绍
Things3 for Mac,认识全新的事物!对原创屡获殊荣的任务经理进行彻底的反思,在简单和强大之间实现了完美的平衡,令人难以置信的新功能,令人愉快的互动以及永恒的新设计。
Things for Mac破解版功能特色
有效管理您的时间 – 同时查看您的待办事项和日历事件,并相应地对每周进行计划。创建重复的待办事项以确保始终如一。
您会立即注意到 Things 中的所有功能是如此完美地融合在一起,从而为您带来整洁、集中的体验。没有不必要的铃声和哨声,以及检查器窗口和弹出对话框。只有您和您的待办事项。
Things 中的待办事项比较特别。在列表中,它们会以最紧凑的形式显示复选框和标题。但将它们展开后,它们就会变为一张漂亮的白纸,上面有您想做的各种事情 – 并且如果您需要,还可以包括您的检查列表、标签、提醒事项以及截止日期。
例如“按类型查看” – 这是浏览列表和查找待办事项的极佳方式。或者自然语言日期解析器 – 只需输入“明天”、“4天后”或“下周三”,就会跳到所有正确的结果。
Things可与所有macOS技术完全集成:Touch Bar、今天小部件、共享扩展、Handoff、日历、提醒事项和AppleScript。或许还包括几项我们忘记列出的技术。


Things is a task management solution that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things combines powerful features with simplicity through the use of tags and its intelligent filter bar. A Leopard style source list allows for quick and easy focusing. Together with a beautiful user interface, Things aims at the seemingly impossible: making task management both easy and fun.
Our screencast is a great introduction. Learn from our users why Things is different by visiting either on i use thisor Newsvine.

  • The big picture. A Leopard-style source list lets you easily focus without ever switching view modes or wrapping your head around filter criteria.
  • A magical tag bar automatically appears when needed and adapts to the currently displayed list. It lets you drill down even the longest list of To-Dos. Hierarchical tags? We got you covered!
  • Teamwork. Things offers convenient collaboration features. Easily delegate tasks to members of your team. (This is work in progress.)
  • No columns! Whether it’s multiple tags, dates or notes, To-Do items display their information on an as needed basis. No more space wasted by empty or irrelevant column cells!
  • Out of your head, out of your way. A quick entry HUD lets you enter any idea the moment it hits you. Never let the thought of an unfinished business distract you again.
  • Yours forever. We won’t lock you in. Things will use an open XML file format to store your data. (Not yet activated.)
  • Things even supports GTD, so if you’re familiar and comfortable with GTD concepts, you’ll feel right at home.


Version 3.12.3:

  • Improved launch performance for users without Apple calendars/reminders integration enabled
  • Added Quick Entry with Autofill support for the beta version of the MS Edge web browser
  • Adjusted the date formats used in the When and Deadline fields of expanded to-dos
  • Fixed an issue where to-dos dragged into the Today list would always land at the top
  • Fixed some issues when running System Events scripts from Things’ scripts menu
  • Fixed an issue with pasting links copied from the Twitter app
  • Fixed an issue that caused a long checklist to scroll when clicked
  • Fixed an issue where a pasted rich-text URL would appear twice if the page’s title was also the same URL
  • Fixed an issue where selection could be lost while selecting a group via Shift+Up Arrow in a project
  • Fixed a crash caused by missing fonts on some Macs


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“Things” Mac历史版本


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Things for Mac 破解版
Things for Mac 2.8.4 破解版
Things for Mac 2.8.3 破解版
Things for Mac 2.8.2 破解版

文件下载 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.11及以上 大小:22.59MB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解
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