PDF Studio mac v11.0.4

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PDF Studio for mac是一个易用而功能强大的软件,PDF Studio for mac可以把PDF文档用文本和图像打上标记、分离合并现有的PDF文件,标记被自动储存在PDF Studio中用于自动校正PDF文档。

DFCool Studio个人免费版可以实现PDF文档的创建、页面编辑、签名、融合、比较、分割、加密、解密、及和其它格式的相互转换。此外它有数十种独一无二的功能,如强大的数字签名外观设计功能、独特的水印铺设功能和方便的批处理功能。



PDF Studio is an easy-to-use yet powerful program for working with PDF documents.

- View and Print: Open any PDF document and send it to the printer. Documents will be automatically resized to fit the paper size. PDF Studio supports all types of PDF fonts.
- PDF Interactive Forms: Fill any PDF form and save it locally. Once the form is filled, you can flatten form fields to obtain a non-editable version of the form.
- Sticky Notes: Open any PDF document and add your sticky notes or comments to the document using text and graphic markup tools. You can add free text notes, or draw shapes such as lines, circles, rectangles to work with the existing content of the PDF document.
- Audio Comment: Record or import a sound and add it to a PDF document.
- Text Selection and Markups: Highlight, cross out or underline text.
- Rubber Stamps: Mark your documents as urgent, paid, confidential. You can also create your own Signature Stamp. All stamps can be saved to be reused later.
- Headers and Footers: Add titles, page numbers to your PDF documents.
- Hyperlinks: Add hyperlinks to your PDF documents.
- Modify Pages: Append, merge or split documents. Delete, insert, replace pages in a PDF document. Or extract pages to create a new PDF document.
- Passwords and Permissions: Add passwords or change permissions on your PDF documents. You can set /remove permissions to print, to modify, to copy, to annotate and to fill form fields. PDF Studio encrypt PDF documents using the higher security level (128-bit RC4 encryption).
- Scan to PDF: Scan documents from any TWAIN compliant scanner into a new or existing PDF document.
- Batch functions: Stamp, Print, or Encrypt multiple documents with a single click as a batch.
- PDF to Images: Converts pages of a pdf documents to JPG images or TIFF images (optimized for scanning).
- Import/Export: Import and Export comments and form data in FDF or XFDF format.
PDF Studio mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v11.0.4</span>的预览图
Version 11.0.4:
// New Major Features
- Welcome Screen with Recent Files & Useful Shortcuts
- Annotations and Form Fields Spell Checker
- Major Rubber Stamps Redo (Dynamic, Preview, Predefined and PDF Stamps)
- Enhanced Print Dialog
- Quick Text Search (in addition to Advanced Search)
- Major Memory & Performance Enhancements
- Many New Batch Functions (Pro)
- Output Preview and Overprint Simulation (Pro)
- Non-Latin OCR Languages (Pro)
- Image Improvements (Unlimited size, Faster)
- Font Improvements
- Many Other Enhancements


系统:mac 10.7.3及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)
开发商:2002-Present Qoppa Software.


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