liquivid Video Improve Mac 影视后期编辑软件 v2.7.1

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Liquivid Video Improve Mac破解版是一款运行在Mac平台上功能强大的影视后期编辑软件,非常适合手持素材和动作相机剪辑。

liquivid Video Improve Mac 影视后期编辑软件
所属分类:视频编辑 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.9及以上 大小:112.11MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2019年09月24日


Liquivid Video Improve Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款较直观,易于使用的视频和照片编辑器:清理和改善所有捕捉只需点击一下,并有更多的乐趣,查看和分享你的回忆。Liquivid Video Improve提供了许多有吸引力的视觉效果,修复广角镜头(如在大多数动作摄像头)造成的镜头失真,消除相机抖动和图像噪点,并提高颜色和清晰度。基本的视频剪辑,批处理和支持所有常见的视频格式,编解码器和分辨率使其成为每个想要获得更多拍摄效果的人的首选工具。
Liquivid Video Improve for Mac破解版功能介绍
消除/消除镜头失真消除由动作相机和其他广角镜头引起的视频和照片(消除)的鱼眼效果。随附一系列内置相机配置文件,您可以轻松创建任何相机和镜头的配置文件。目前内置的配置包括:GoPro Hero 3,GoPro Hero 3+,GoPro Hero 4,Sony HDR-AS100V,Drift HD Ghost,SJCAM SJ4000和SJ 5000,DJI Phantom 3,Garmin VIRB,Rollei 6S,Rollei 410,GoPro Hero 4 Session,Mobius ActionCam(镜头A和C2),Parrot Bebop 2,Zoom Q8,Yi 4K。

- 视频:任何分辨率下的所有常见格式和编解码器(包括HD,2K,2.7K,4K)
- 照片:JPG,PNG
- 视频:MP4(h264),WMV,Motion JPEG,WebM,GIF,任何分辨率(包括HD,2K,2.7K,4K)的非压缩AVI和高比特率
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liquivid Video Improve (was liquivid) is an intuitive, easy-to-use editor for your videos and photos. Clean up and improve all your captures with a single click, and have more fun viewing and sharing your memories. liquivid fixes lens distortion caused by wide angle lenses (as in most action-cams), removes camera shake and image noise, and improves colors and sharpness. Basic video cutting, batch processing, and support for all common video formats, codecs, and resolutions make it the tool-of-choice for everyone who wants to get more out of their captures.

  • Stabilization Optically stabilize your videos, ideal for hand-held footage and action camera clips.
  • Effects Visual effects give your photos and videos and special look & feel.
  • Defish / Remove Lens Distortion Remove fish-eye effect from videos and photos (defishing), as caused by action cameras and other wide angle lenses. Comes with a series of built-in camera profiles and you can easily create profiles for any camera and lens you use. Built-in profiles currently include: GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 4, Sony HDR-AS100V, Drift HD Ghost, SJCAM SJ4000 and SJ 5000, DJI Phantom 3, Garmin VIRB, Rollei 6S, Rollei 410, GoPro Hero 4 Session, Mobius ActionCam (lenses A & C2), Parrot Bebop 2, Zoom Q8, Yi 4K.
  • Denoise Remove noise from videos and photos, as caused by shooting in low light or with high ISO.
  • Improve Contrast and Colors Improve contrast and saturation, making your videos and photos more vivid.
  • Sharpen Improve sharpness, making your videos and photos look more crisp.
  • Rotate and Crop Rotate videos and photos by 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or by arbitrary angles.
  • Deflickering Remove flickering from timelapses and videos recorded under difficult lighting conditions.
  • Change Play Speed Change your videos’ playback speed: Many actioncams can record video with 60fps or more. However, to achieve a slow-motion effect when watching your clips, you must first change the frame rate. liquivid allows you to slow down or speed up your videos.
  • Add Text Add text to your photos and videos.
  • Basic Video Cutting Export only those parts from your videos that you’re really interested in. Merge multiple photos and videos into a single clip.
  • Batch Processing Process all your files in one go with just a few clicks.


Version 2.7.1:

  • Bug fixes


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