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ImageFramer Mac版是一个Mac OS平台上的图像处理工具,ImageFramer Mac版很容易为你设计和增加帧照片和油画。ImageFramer Mac版可以将你的照片制作为带相框的油画,非常个性化的图片处理软件。

ImageFramer mac的预览图
ImageFramer mac的预览图
ImageFramer mac的预览图

ImageFramer enables you to create stunning frames for your photos quickly.

Apply multiple layers of photorealistic and artistic frames.
Adapt the colors and sizes of the frame and the mat for the best appearance.
Multiple variations for each image.
Export the framed image to a number of formats in a number of sizes.
400+ included frames (800+ in the Pro edition), with more being added constantly.
Supports vector frames.
Standard/Pro Edition: Flexible textual and image watermarks.
Pro Edition: Frame Editor allows you to add your own frames or edit existing ones.
Pro Edition: High-res frames with supplier & catalog numbers.
Pro Edition: Commercial-use license.
ImageFramer mac的预览图
Version 3.4:
- New "Lock Aspect Ratio" control on the bottom will keep the aspect ratio of the final framed image to the one set in the control to its right.
- The aspect ratio can be locked to the original aspect ratio of the framed image, the current aspect ratio or to one of the standard presets.
- A cropped image can now be dragged with a mouse to expose different parts of the cropped image
- Maximum crop factor increased from 40% to 95% from each side.
- Watermark layers were renamed to Overlay. This better describes what they are. Now there are Text Overlays and Image Overlays.
- Updated user manual with the new features.


系统:mac 10.8及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.5)
开发商:Apparent Software


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