iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 v6.7.0

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iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>
所属分类:视频编辑 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.7.3及以上 大小:36.28MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2018年01月29日


iFFmpeg破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款视频格式转换工具,能够帮助我们在Mac电脑上非常轻松地完成绝大多数的多媒体视频格式的转换工作,几乎支持市面上所有的多媒体视频格式,支持多核转换使得转换效率还是令人非常满意,转换功能也非常强大,并且还支持自定义转换参数,非常值得推荐。
iFFmpeg是一种全面的媒体工具,可以在不同格式之间转换电影,音频和媒体文件。 FFmpeg命令行指令可能很难掌握/理解,因此iFFmpeg会为您做所有的努力工作。 这使您可以使用FFmpeg而无需详细的命令行知识。
300多个先进的选项 - 转换与控制和力量
40多个视频滤镜 - 添加水印,时间码渲染,填充和裁剪,旋转,视频稳定,锐化,模糊,去隔行等等。
将电影导出为图像 - 支持.png,.bmp和.jpg
监视器输出 - 跟踪所有FFmpeg输出的调试错误。
监视文件夹 - 将媒体文件拖放到监视文件夹中,然后ff·Works将自动对其进行编码。
用户预设 - 制作和管理您自己的用户预设。
4K和5K支持 - 创建UltraHQ电影。
音频滤波器 - 调整音量,淡入/淡出,耳垢,音频节奏,鲍尔立体声,合并,频道映射等。
图片到电影 - 将.png,.bmp或.jpg图片转换为任何电影格式。
修剪电影 - 轻松切割开始和结束。
章节编辑 - 为MP4,MOV和MKV格式轻松添加章节。
无限流 - 添加尽可能多的音频流,字幕,视频和音频过滤器。
高质量和控制 - 使用FFmpeg转换和处理许多高质量的媒体文件,而不需要知识。高级用户不会被冷落,有许多选项可以使用。
媒体格式 - 支持MPEG4,H264,H265 HEVC,Matroska,PRORES,DNxHD,DVVideo,MPEG TS,MPEG PS,XAVS,FLV,Theora,AVI,OGG,VP8和VP9(.webm)等多种编解码器和容器,动画GIF,VOB,MXF,GFX等等。
合并媒体文件 - 使用以下两种方法之一将无限制文件拼接到一个文件:concat pass-thru(快速起泡)和Complex Filter。
字幕支持 - 支持硬拷贝和软字幕(外部或嵌入式)。
预设 - 默认包含很多预设:iPod,iPad,iPhone,Apple TV,PS4,Xbox One,Wii-U,Android,YouTube,Facebook,Vimeo等等。
一次编码多个文件 - 同时批量编码最多8个文件。


iFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.

Version 6.7.0:

  • Only works and optimised for macOS 10.10 or higher.
  • Now only works on 64bit systems. Does not rely anymore on 32bit binaries. (Read: future proof for later non-32-bit macOS versions)
  • Revamped GUI to improve workflow.
  • Added support for h264 and h265 hardware encoding (make sure you use a FFmpeg with support for Videotoolbox)
  • Batch view is now split in Source and Target panes.
  • You can now also change the video and audio codecs directly in the right pane.
  • Video and Audio now have ‘Advanced’ buttons in the right pane. This opens the relevant advanced options of the selected video or audio codec.
  • Now shows the batch number for each batch.
  • Now uses system font instead of system_small font for better reading.
  • You can now use the cursor buttons to set the trimming times.
  • Auto show settings window after adding audio, filter, trimming, metadata and chapters.
  • When adding external audio, the dialog now uses the source path as the initial folder.
  • When changing the destination path, the dialog now use the source path as the initial folder.
  • Changed font for the FFmpeg Info, Detailed Info and FFmpeg log windows to Courier.
  • Now shows the physical file size instead of the data length for media files.
  • Renamed option ‘Convert H264 bitstream from length to start code prefixed mode’ to ‘Convert H264 or HEVC bitstream from length to start code prefixed mode’.
  • CRF value can now be set to 69.
  • When setting video or audio to passthru ff·Works checks if filters are present.
  • Rearranged target set list.
  • Renamed video filter ‘Time Cutter’ to ‘Time Trimmer’.
  • Selecting a HEVC preset, always uses HVC1 as FourCC so it is playable with latest macOS versions.
  • A Save dialog window is now used to save user presets.
  • When changing destination path/filename, the dialog now uses the movies path as initial folder.
  • Now displays the file size correctly.
  • When pausing encoding, it is now possible to fully stop encoding.
  • Select a batch that is encoding now shows a ‘encoding in progress..’ warning.
  • Removing the external audio file from a audio stream, now selects the source audio stream when available.
  • The Watchfolder window can now be scaled.
  • Trimming timeline now shows thumbnails.
  • The Trimming max frame value is correctly set referring to the source FPS.
  • Selecting MPEG container now uses AC3 as the default audio codec.
  • Now automatically adds Video and Audio PTS filters when using hardburning subtitles and trimming.
  • Added ‘Subtitles Wizard’.
  • Added ‘PassThru Wizard”.
  • Added magic stick icon button to show the ‘Passthru Wizard”.
  • Added .hevc file extension.
  • Added x265 option “SMPTE ST 2086 mastering display color volume SEI info”
  • Added x265 option “x And Y display primaries for R”
  • Added x265 option “x And Y display primaries for G”
  • Added x265 option “x And Y display primaries for B”
  • Added x265 option “X,Y display primaries white point”
  • Added x265 option “Max and Min Luminance”
  • Added x265 option “Max. Contact and max. Frame average light level”
  • Added x265 option “Force singling of HDR parameters in SEI packets”.
  • Added x265 option “Add luma and chroma offsets for HDR/WCG content”
  • Added x265 option “Limits frames for tone mapping information inserted as SEI message”.
  • Added support for DNxHR 8bit and 12bit.
  • Added option ‘DNxHR profiles’ (444’,’HQX’,’HQ’,’SQ’ and ‘LB’).
  • Added support for 1440×1080 (HD1080 Wide screen) for DNxHD.
  • Added support for recent files in menu.
  • Added preference option ‘Show PassThru Wizard when adding batch files’.
  • Added preference option ‘Always request for destination filename’.
  • Added preference option ‘Show Edit window after adding Audio, Subtitle, Filter, ..’.
  • Added preference options ‘Prefix’ and ’Suffix’ for creating filename.
  • Added preference option ‘Default Subs Charset Encoding’.
  • Added preference ‘When done’ option ‘Shut down system ones’.
  • Added preference option ‘Show All Encoded Files.’ Only opens the Finder when all batch files are processed.
  • Added preference option ‘Probe size for scanning files”.
  • Added preference option ‘Analyse duration for scanning files”.
  • Added ‘Advance’ button to directly access codec specific options.
  • Added audio filter Channel Mapping.
  • Added ‘Set Channel Layout’ option.
  • Added ‘Channel select’ menu’s.
  • Added video filter ‘Set SAR’.
  • Added ‘Set SAR’ option.
  • Added video filter ‘Set DAR’.
  • Added ‘Set DAR’ option.
  • Added video filter ‘Background Blur’.
  • Added option ‘Orientation’.
  • Added option ‘Blur strength’.
  • Added ‘Detelecine’ video filter’.
  • Added option ‘First Field’ option.
  • Added option ‘Pattern’ option.
  • Added option ‘Start Frame’ option.
  • Added MP3 and MP2 support for MP4 container.
  • Added option ‘Render Real Timecode’ for Render Timecode filter.
  • Added option ‘Render Custom Timecode’ for Render Timecode filter.
  • Added option ‘Render Frame Number’ for Render Timecode filter.
  • Added option ‘Render Frame Type’ for Render Timecode filter.
  • Added OPUS support for MKV and WEBM containers.
  • Added AAC; PCM_S24LE, PCM_S32LE support for AVCHD (.mt2s) containers
  • Added PCM_S32LE support for AVI containers.
  • Added support for HAP codec in MOV containers.
  • Added HAP quality options ‘HAP’, HAPAlpha’ and ‘HAPQ’.
  • Added AAC codec for AVCHD (.mt2s) containers.
  • Added support for video hardware accelerated videotoolbox encoding.
  • Added new advanced page for hardware accelerated video encoding.
  • Added Apple VDA hardware decoding option.
  • Added Videotoolbox hardware decoding option.
  • Added Videotoolbox hardware encoding option.
  • Added Videotoolbox option ‘More Frames Before Start’.
  • Added Videotoolbox option ‘More Frames After End’.
  • Added Videotoolbox option ‘Allow Software encoding when Hardware encoding fails’.
  • Added CoreAudio hardware encoding option.
  • Added support for extracting Close Captions subtitles.
  • Added ‘Audio Track Name’ metadata. (Matroska container only).
  • Added ‘Subtitle Name’ metadata for soft subtitles.
  • Added ‘BT.2020’ to colormatrix converter
  • Added MInterpolate video filter.
  • Added option ‘Interpolation FSP’.
  • Added option ‘Motion interpolation mode’.
  • Added option ‘Motion Estimation Mode’.
  • Added option ‘Algorithm for Motion Estimation’.
  • Added option ‘Macroblock Size’.
  • Added option ‘Macroblock Size’.
  • Added option ‘Motion estimation search value’.
  • Added option ‘Enable variable-size block motion comp’.
  • Added option ‘Scene change detection method’.
  • Added option ‘Scene change detection threshold’.
  • Added option ‘Shift input timestamps to start at zero (needs copy timestamps enabled)’.
  • Added audio channel layout ‘hexadecagonal’ and ‘hexagonal’.
  • Added audio filter ‘Audio Merge’. For merging audio streams to one audio stream (both embedded and external audio files).
  • Added option ‘Merge Channel Mode’.
  • Added option ‘Merged Channel Layout’.
  • Added 8x ‘Audio Stream’ selectors.
  • Added 8x ‘Set External Audio File’.
  • Added support for H264RGB video codec for MOV, MP4, MKV and AVI containers.
  • Added preview for Cropping and Padding video filters.
  • Added Video Filter ‘Color Space’.
  • Added option ‘Specify all input color properties’.
  • Added option ‘Specify all output color properties’.
  • Added option ‘Specify input colorspace’.
  • Added option ‘Specify input transfer characteristics’.
  • Added option ‘Specify input color primaries’.
  • Added option ‘Specify input color range’.
  • Added option ‘Specify output colorspace’.
  • Added option ‘Specify output transfer characteristics’.
  • Added option ‘Specify output color primaries’.
  • Added option ‘Specify output color range’.
  • Added option ‘Specify output color format’.
  • Added option ‘Do a fast conversion, which skips gamma/primary correction’.
  • Added option ‘Dithering mode’.
  • Added option ‘Specify input colorspace’.
  • Added option ‘Whitepoint adaptation mode’.
  • Added support for TIFF images.
  • Added video reverse filter.
  • Added audio reverse filter.
  • Added ‘Hide ff·Works’ (Watch folder window).
  • Added ‘Hide Dock Icon’ (Watch folder window).
  • Added ‘Audio SetPTS’ filter.
  • Added ‘Set Audio PTS’ expression.
  • Added VP8 ‘CPU used’ option.
  • Added help tags for all VP8 options.
  • Added VP8 ‘Datarate undershoot’ option.
  • Added VP8 ‘Datarate overshoot’ option.
  • Added VP8 ‘Noise sensitivity’ option.
  • Added progress spinner when importing files.
  • Added support for MPEG DASH and WEBM DASH
  • Added ‘Create DASH files’.
  • Added ‘Auto create DASH Manifest file”.
  • Added ‘Create separate Chunk files’.
  • Added ‘Minimum Segment Duration’ option.
  • Added ‘Remove non-DASH files when finished’ option.
  • Added DASH resolution and bitrate list.
  • Added support for .m4s files.
  • Added X-Offset and Y-Offset options for Watermark position.
  • Added support for .drc , .gifv, .mng, .yuv, .m4p, .svi, .f4a and .f4b files.
  • Added option ‘Only Keyframes’ for exporting movie to image files.
  • Added movie preset sizes 5120×2160 (5K UW), 5120×2880 (5K UHD), 5120×4096 (HSXGA), 7680×3200 (8K UW), 7680×4320 (8K UHD), 8192×4320 (True 8K)
  • Added option ‘Prevents clipping when rematrixing’ (for audio filter resampler).
  • Added option ‘Enable Alpha Channel support’ for WEBM containers.
  • Added option ‘Disable’ to Video Size.
  • Added video filter ‘Pixel Format’.
  • Added option ‘Set Pixel Format’.
  • Added 24bit and 32bit support for MXF containers.
  • Added support for hevc_mp4toannexb bitstream filter.
  • Added support for exporting to TGA images.
  • Added several 10bit ,12bit, 14bit and 16bit pixel formats.
  • Added AC3 option ‘Use Channel Coupling’.
  • Added AC3 option ‘AC3 Coupling Start Band’.
  • Added FLAC option ‘FLAC Compression Level’.
  • Added MP3 option ‘Use Average Bitrate’.
  • Added MP3 option ‘Disable Bit reservoir’.
  • Added higher preset frame rates (70, 75, 90, 100 and 120).
  • Added ‘Basic Information’ and ‘Advanced Information’ options for the Media information window.
  • Added ‘SAVE’ and ‘PRINT’ buttons for the Media information window.
  • Added video filter ‘Field’.
  • Added option ‘Field Extract’.
  • Added hvc1 tag when encoding to HEVC (to make files macOS 10.13 compatible).
  • Added support for IINA and MPV players for previewing.
  • Added support for IFO files (for using the correct subtitle color when copying dvd subtitles).
  • Added option “Enable loading of external tracks” (For Quicktime reference file).
  • Added option “Allows loading of external tracks via absolute paths,” (For Quicktime reference file).
  • Added presets for iPhone8, iPhone8Plus and iPhoneX
  • Added .yuv extensions for MOV and MKV containers (for using Rawvideo).
  • Improved compiling Commandline when encoding to rawvideo.
  • Improved bitrate quality settings for several video codecs.
  • Improved rendering a background for subtitles (hardburn).
  • Improved handling dvb_sub subtitles for MPEGTS containers.
  • Improved setting the video size in the Export to Images sheet.
  • Improved Watchfolder: You can now hide the ff·Works window to run in the background.
  • Improved compiling command line when using video passthru.
  • Improved compiling video filters (order).
  • Improved Watchfolder logging.
  • Improved FFmpeg error handling.
  • Improved burning subtitles and trimming is enabled.
  • Fixed options ‘Strictly enforce gop size’, ‘normalize adaptive quantization’ and ‘always try a mb with mv=<0,0>’ to work with the latest FFmpeg builds.
  • Fixed Tune and Preset options when encoding to HEVC.
  • Fixed issue encoding to DTS audio codec.
  • Fixed issue setting the audio codecs for AVS and RealMedia containers.


iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>的预览图


2、运行iFFmpeg for Mac,会弹出注册窗口,如下图:
iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>的预览图
iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>的预览图
5、选择“Check Update”,去掉勾选的内容,如下图:
iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>的预览图
iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>的预览图
7、提示“This is a FFmpeg binary”,点击“Use and Copy...”,如下图:
iFFmpeg Mac – 视频格式转换工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v6.7.0</span>的预览图


"iFFmpeg" Mac历史版本


iFFmpeg for Mac 6.6.1 破解版
iFFmpeg for Mac 6.2.4 破解版
iFFmpeg for Mac 6.2.3 破解版
iFFmpeg for Mac 6.2.2 破解版
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