iBackupbot mac – iPhone/iPad备份管理工具 v5.4.4

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iBackupBot for mac是Mac os平台上的一款非常不错的Mac手机助手,iBackupBot for mac是一个为iPad,iPhone和iPod Touch专用的备份管理器软件。iBackupBot for mac可以直接读取备份文件资料,不论是通讯录、短信内容、通话记录、还是照片,都能在其中找到。

1、iBackupBot 可以直接读取备份文件资料,不论是通讯录、短信内容、通话记录、还是照片,都能在其中找到,你只需选择正确的备份文件然后搜索响应的目录直接就能导入导出,甚至还能恢复游戏记录。


iBackupBot gives you the ability to browse, view, export, and modify iTunes backup files. With its built-in plist editor, hex editor, text editor, database viewer, image viewer, SMS message viewer, notes viewer, address book viewer, and media browser, you can view and edit any file that iTunes backed up from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to your computer.

When you connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, or right click iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in iTunes and select Back Up, certain files and settings on your iPhone or iPod touch are automatically backed up to your computer. You can restore this information if you need to (if you get a new iPhone, for example, and want to transfer your previous settings to it).

The backed-up information includes text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, and more. In addition, photos in Camera Roll on your iPhone or in Saved Photos on your iPod touch are also backed up.

iBackupBot can export SMS messages, notes, and address book to a text file or an Excel file. It also gives you the ability to edit backup files and restore them to your iPhone/iPod Touch, so you can do many things that you could not do before, e.g., customize carrier name, modify game data files, and more–and no jailbreak required!

Why would I use iBackupBot?
- If you to want view and export SMS messages, Contacts, Notes for sharing with friends or for archiving.
- If you lost your iPhone, you need iTunes Backup Manager to view and export your SMS messages, Contacts, Notes, and so on.
- If you want to maintain multiple backups of different times for one iPhone or iPod Touch, and freely select which one to restore.
- If you want browse and export media contents include Camera Roll, Voice Memo, Voicemail and others.
iBackupbot mac – iPhone/iPad备份管理工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v5.4.4</span>的预览图
Version 5.4.4:
- RRelease notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


系统:mac 10.6及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)
开发商:VOW Software


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1、城通网盘 | 2、百度网盘 | 3、微云下载
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载

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