GoodTask Mac 精致的日历提醒工具 v4.6(360)

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GoodTask Mac 精致的日历提醒工具
所属分类:办公软件  小于50M 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.10及以上 大小:23.57MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2020年02月11日


GoodTask Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款日历提醒工具。GoodTask是iOS平台上一款大名鼎鼎的应,拥有无比完美的操作体验,现在Mac版也来了。GoodTask将内置提醒升级为强大的任务管理器。你可以在设计精美的列表图上查看你的任务,它们可以以每天、每周或每月视图显示。 
GoodTask for Mac破解版功能介绍


GoodTask is a powerful task/project manager based on Apple’s Reminders and Calendars. You can use it as simple checklist to focus or as complex project management tool to get big things done. GoodTask 3 provides various viewpoints to the things that you care and need to be done. Manage your tasks, projects and even your life better with GoodTask.

  • Syncs with default stock Reminders and Calendars (iCloud/Exchange/etc)
  • Supports fully customizable recurring tasks
  • Manage reminders, lists, and calendars easily
  • List, day, week, month view on each lists
  • Add quickly and smartly with quick actions and text snippets
  • List with selective reminders, lists, and calendars
  • Filter by including or excluding text/tags
  • Filter by priorities
  • Overdue tasks, location-based tasks, recent tasks, etc.
  • Quickly edit tasks on-the-fly
  • Bulk actions to edit/check/delete multiple tasks at once
  • Duplicate, change due dates, add/switch tags/lists, etc.
  • App icon badge and notifications
  • Dark theme
  • Today-widget support
  • Time-zone support
  • Subtasks, automatic repeat after completion, and manual sort


Version 4.6.0:
Better Search:

  • Search range can be selected between ‘Current List’ and ‘All’
  • Lists & calendar events can be searched
  • Tapping items will let you go into the item directly
  • Searched items are sorted by (Lists) – (Tasks & Events by due date) – (Completed tasks and past events)

Smart List:

  • Smart List Type : Completed
  • Today/Yesterday/Days option added.
  • Days option will show completed tasks for N days. (1 Day – Today. 2 Days – Today & Yesterday, ..)
  • Count option is now optional
  • Smart List : Today. Added option to hide ‘No Time’, ‘Later Tasks’ and ‘Unstarted’
  • No Time – Tasks without time can be hidden
  • Later Tasks – Tasks that due later today can be hidden
  • Unstarted – When start date is different from due date and it hasn’t passed, it can be hidden
  • Smart List Type : ‘Text’ filter type is changed to ‘Tag’

URL Scheme:

  • URL Scheme : Add – Start dates, Location Favorites, Subtasks, Multiple tasks option added
  • Other Improvements:
  • German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese translation has been improved
  • Multi-day Calendar events are shown as today on List/Day view
  • Better App Icon Badge refresh
  • Localization (Portuguese has been changed to Portuguese-Portugal)
  • When ‘Tag Sort Option’ has no tags, it automatically fetches current tags used in Quick Actions and Smart Lists’ filters and tags
  • Text Snippet : Due date – dd.M, M-DD added
  • ‘Preferences – New Task – Contextual Text’ option removed and integrated with List. List will also add priority if it’s in the filter of Smart List
  • Drag and drop task into Smart list is available for Smart Lists containing filters with ‘Tag’ and ‘Priority’ type.
  • This will add filtered tags or priorities to the task when dropped to certain smart list.


  • Custom repeat actions are shown properly when you try to edit them
  • Notes line breaks on printing fixed
  • Calendar events not showing properly on multi-filtered Smart Lists


GoodTask Mac破解版软件知您网免费下载GoodTask Mac破解版软件知您网免费下载GoodTask Mac破解版软件知您网免费下载

“GoodTask” Mac历史版本


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