GALAK-Z(虚空) Mac 太空题材的射击游戏 v1.0

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GALAK-Z(虚空) for Mac破解版游戏是一款太空题材的射击游戏,继承了上世纪七八十年代的游戏特点,每一季对应数个任务。如果玩家在任务途中死亡,就必须重新开始这一季。所以这款游戏充斥着大量的街机风格,游戏本身属于操作系,需要灵活的操作才能顺利闯关。游戏体积不大,游戏内的战斗内容也比较丰富,特别是游戏中高灵敏度的快速战斗操作,非常考验玩家的游戏水平,所以说如果喜欢这款游戏的话,不妨下载下来试试看吧!

GALAK-Z(虚空) Mac 太空题材的射击游戏 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0</span>的图片
所属分类:单机游戏 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.8及以上 大小:1.3GB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2018年07月23日


GALAK-Z(虚空) Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上由17-BIT制作发行的一款太空题材的射击游戏,继承了上世纪七八十年代的游戏特点,每一季对应数个任务。如果玩家在任务途中死亡,就必须重新开始这一季。所以这款游戏充斥着大量的街机风格,游戏本身属于操作系,需要灵活的操作才能顺利闯关。
GALAK-Z(虚空) for Mac游戏特色
全新功能!! Void DLC提供无尽的游戏玩法,在线排行榜和每日挑战,让玩家可以在全球范围内争夺最高分。
准备在深空2D斗狗上举起酒吧!GALAK-Z是一款现代的人工智能和物理驱动的开放世界动作游戏,通过经典的16位太空射击镜头观看。GALAK-Z由下一代Cyntient AI平台提供支持,让玩家能够控制动漫启发的太空船,这些太空船居住在程序生成的世界中。
最近添加的功能,Arcade Mode可让您多次重播失败的任务,而不会丢失所有已保存的进度。Rogue Mode保留了GALAK-Z原有的白指关节roguelike挑战,可以追溯到16位游戏时代。如果您希望通过将所有任务放在线上,每项任务来测试您的技能和勇气,则始终可以使用流氓模式。


Brand New features!! The Void DLC offers endless gameplay, Online Leaderboards, and a Daily Challenge that allows players to compete worldwide for the top score.
Prepare for the bar to be raised on deep-space 2D dog-fighting! GALAK-Z is a modern, A.I. and physics-driven open-world action game, viewed through the lens of the classic 16-bit space shooter. Powered by the next-generation Cyntient AI platform, GALAK-Z puts players in control of anime-inspired spacecraft inhabiting procedurally generated worlds. 
In GALAK-Z both stealth and skill are required to defeat truly intelligent enemies. You will be forced to outsmart enemies that think, react and cooperate like seasoned pilots! Master your ship’s sublimely-honed controls as you blast enemies, unleash missile salvos, and even toss your opponents, mech-style, to their explosive demise. 
Recently added, Arcade Mode lets you replay failed missions any number of times without losing all of your saved progress. Rogue Mode retains GALAK-Z’s original white-knuckle roguelike challenge that harkens back to the 16-bit era of gaming. Rogue mode will always be available if and when you’re looking to test your skill and bravery by putting everything on the line, every mission. 
Players will be forced to outmaneuver, outgun and outsmart enemies that think, react and cooperate like seasoned pilots. Both stealth and skill are required to defeat enemy squads in a brutal game of cat and mouse. Prepare for an enemy that comes alive like never before! 

  • Exclusive Guest Star: Juan from Guacamelee featured as an enemy unit in the game!
  • New The Void DLC w/ endless gameplay and Online Leaderboards and a Daily Challenge
  • ARCADE mode with per-Mission checkpoints
  • Procedurally-assembled levels
  • Physics based combat simulator!
  • Advanced enemy A.I for intense dogfights!
  • Scripted missions and ‘roguelite’ structure
  • Resource-based, progressive weapons system
  • Inspired by 70s / 80s anime and arcade shooters



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