Complete Heart Mac – 心脏高清解剖演示工具 v1.1.0(5875)

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Complete Heart是一款Mac上的3D心脏医学参考模型,3D4Medical出品,提供了详细的3D心脏立体模型,医学相关工作者值得收藏的一款软件!

Complete Heart Mac – 心脏高清解剖演示工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0(5875)</span>
所属分类:其它工具 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.12及以上 大小:289.99MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年12月08日


Complete Heart破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款心脏高清解剖演示工具,来自3D4Medical的革命性的新图形技术首次将一个完全交互式的心脏跳动到令人震惊的3D生活中。当它移动时,解剖一颗跳动的心脏的多层,并改变你对心血管系统功能的理解。高分辨率的材质和先进的灯光让我们可以看到令人难以置信的细节。图像和实时音频的心跳结合起来,真正沉浸式学习体验。进一步放大,探索第二个模型;血管的详细解剖。3D4Medical的尖端技术和专利最先进的工具使它能够在移动的过程中无缝地穿透心脏的多个层,允许在模型中进行解剖,同时同时查看其内部结构的功能。
1、Complete Heart Mac是来自3D4Medical的革命性新图形技术,首次以令人惊叹的3D形式带来了完全互动的跳动心跳。
4、3D4Medical的尖端技术和专利的最先进的工具使其能够无缝地切割跳动的心脏的多个层,允许通过模型解剖,同时查看其内部结构的功能。这是Complete Heart的一个革命性特征 - 目前使用传统的教学方法是不可能的。
5、Complete Heart Mac在心脏的背景下观察肋骨,肺和膈肌。 Complete Heart还具有突破性的AR技术,允许用户将心脏置于真实环境的表面,以获得更好的规模感。
8、Complete Heart for  Mac应用程序中还包含交互式屏幕的教育内容,涵盖从基本的解剖和生理学的主题,到临床和手术过程的详细信息。与完整剖析系列中的其他应用程序一样,该平台提供了将传统2D学习材料转换为3D的创新方法,其中包括解剖“屏幕”创建,3D录音功能(带音频)和心脏解剖测验。


Revolutionary new graphical technology from 3D4Medical brings a fully interactive beating heart to life in stunning 3D for the first time.
Dissect multiple layers of a beating heart as it moves, and transform your understanding of how the cardiovascular system functions.
High-resolution textures and advanced lighting allow for views of the heart in incredible detail. The graphics and real-time audio of the heartbeat combine for a truly immersive learning experience. Zoom in even further and explore a second model; the detailed anatomy of blood vessels.
3D4Medical’s cutting-edge technology and patented state-of-the-art tools make it possible to seamlessly cut through multiple layers of the beating heart as it moves, allowing for a dissection through the model while simultaneously viewing the functions of its internal structures. This is a revolutionary feature of Complete Heart – something not currently possible using conventional teaching methods.
View the ribs, lungs and diaphragm in the context of the heart. Complete Heart also features ground-breaking AR technology, allowing the user to place the heart on a surface in their real environment to gain a better sense of scale.
This app includes educational clinical tools including an interactive ECG, which can be controlled to see different stages of a heartbeat represented on the model. Additionally, by altering the BPM of the model in real time, the heart-rate can be set to simulate real scenarios, including arrhythmias such as tachycardia and bradycardia, all while continually interacting with the anatomy.
Check out our comprehensive video library for over 60 detailed animations on an incredible range of cardiac conditions and treatments. These range from abnormal rhythms and valve abnormalities to coronary artery diseases, and include key procedures performed to treat them.
Not sure where to start? Why not take an introductory Course on the ‘Anatomy of the Heart’, created by top anatomical experts and included in the price of the Full Version Upgrade.
Also included in the app is educational content in the form of interactive Screens, which cover topics from basic anatomy and physiology, to detailed information on clinical and surgical procedures. As with other apps in the Complete Anatomy series, the platform provides innovative ways to transform traditional 2D learning material into 3D, with features such as anatomy ‘Screens’ creation, a 3D recording feature (with audio) and quizzes on the anatomy of the heart.
Experience anatomy through stunning visualizations – download Complete Heart today!

Version 1.1:
New feature

  • Trace the path of an artery back to its origin, isolate it, or view in the context of the full model.
  • Multiselect and separate structures to gain greater understanding of their connections, even while beating!
  • Draw two lines on the model to cut the space between them.
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.


Complete Heart Mac – 心脏高清解剖演示工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0(5875)</span>的预览图


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