Blocs Mac 易上手的0基础代码网页设计软件 v3.3.0 CR2

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Blocs Mac 易上手的0基础代码网页设计软件
所属分类:编程开发 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.11及以上 大小:30.18MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2019年07月17日


Blocs Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款代码编辑器,这款软件小巧便捷,即使你不了解或不会编写代码,Blocs也能帮助你快速上手,为你带来全新的方法来构建现代化、高质量的静态网站,Blocs for mac使用起来非常的方便简单。
Blocs for Mac破解版功能介绍
Clarity Blocs提供了一个新的清晰度和重点,帮助您更快地构建网站。
Bootstrap 3 Blocs使用Bootstrap 3构建最可靠和可靠的框架之一。
Web字体Blocs有一个精心制作的Google Web字体列表,您可以在您的网站中轻松使用。
Designer Blocs允许您轻松构建和设计出色的网站,而无需编写单行代码。
Blocs for Mac破解版功能特色

  • 简单:Blocs减去需要编写的代码意味着每个人都可以建立网站;
  • 高质:Blocs产生良好的质量组织的代码,没有杂乱或内嵌样式;
  • 明晰:Blocs提供清晰一个新的水平,并重点帮助你更快地建立网站;
  • 直观:Blocs有很多节省时间的功能,如智能色板和汽车类着色;
  • 快速:Blocs真的是出奇的快,你可以在几分钟内建立完整的网页布局;



Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy-to-use, powerful visual web-design tool that lets you create beautiful, modern websites without the need to write code. Cleverly designed to accommodate complete beginners or those familiar with web design. You will love building with Blocs.

  • Designed For Simplicity – Building with Blocs is simple and fun. A clean, intuitive interface makes creating sites unbelievably quick. Simply click, select, edit and enjoy stacking blocks to build your website. Its ease of use will make you feel right at home.
  • Powerful Styling features – Behind the simplified interface of Blocs lie some of its more advanced editing features. When you are ready to get more creative with your designs, Blocs will grow with you. You set the pace.
  • Create CMS-Driven Websites – Blocs has integrated support for a range of premium (paid) and open source (free) third-party content management systems. It’s now possible to easily create powerful, dynamic websites, that can be updated and contributed to, right from your web browser.
  • Time-Saving features – Paint mode, global swatches, auto text colouring and one click animations are just a few of the playful, time saving features in Blocs. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can create a website.
  • No subscription, unlimited web sites


Version 3.3.0:

  • Ability to set the order for the classes per breakpoint
  • Support for ordered lists (numbered lists)
  • Ability to exclude pages from export
  • Support for .htm page extensions
  • Data purge options (developer menu)
  • Support to assign colors to layer tree to help with organising projects
  • New freehand user interface value marker
  • Support for restoring last active page in a project when it is opened
  • Prevent utilities windows losing focus when mouse leaves them
  • Code editor typography settings
  • More error handling to catch potential save issues and prevent locked app when saving project fails
  • Dark mode support for type ahead class popup and improved visual styling
  • Support for display swap for Google fonts for better SEO
  • Support for multiple (unlinked) navigation toggle menus (they can now be opened individually)
  • Support cache bust support for page and project attachments, including custom Bric ones
  • Dark mode support to developer console window


  • Revamped main application preferences
  • Type ahead class popup UX. A selected class is now removed from list


  • Duplicating to new empty pages after project re-opened
  • Duplicating Blocs in groups
  • Undo state for each level when resizing columns
  • Light mode app theme showing dark alert dialogs on MacOS Mojave
  • Html widgets being linked when a column or row is duplicated containing one
  • Applying colours to the navigation links via the sidebar options
  • Empty areas to vanish when dragging a div into a div
  • App focus being set when mouse enters utility window
  • Visual glitch with class size guides
  • Horizontal scrolling in safari when a ScrollFX is applied to an element
  • Duplicating Accordions in various scenarios and them becoming linked
  • The includes directory being generated on export for custom Bric template php files
  • Pulse CMS issue that caused images and links to become broken when Pulse CMS is installed in a sub directory on the server
  • In app preview issue that caused broken php pages when sites begin preview on a HTML page and then navigate to a PHP one
  • Page settings name edits being pushed to data fed navigation menus causing unwanted dashes in page names. Page title edits are now pushed to navigation items
  • New pages to not be created when selecting the empty option
  • Unwanted classes on text objects when exported during editing there content
  • Select template start screen to show when no templates are present
  • Prevented hover and active states being correctly applied to classes that do not start with a dot
  • Selection markers on dropdown list items
  • Caused empty area add bric buttons on parent items that contain sub children with empty areas
  • Caused sidebar options to be cropped when a lot of options are present
  • Email addresses that have had obfuscation applied to them before deformed on export
  • Typo in subclass menu
  • Prevented Google fonts being installed due to recent changes with Google font header link generation URL.


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