核爆RPG:特鲁多格勒(ATOM RPG Trudograd) Mac 角色扮演游戏 v0.6.72

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在Atom RPG:Trudograd中,您的目标是前往一个经受了核毁灭和社会崩溃考验的巨型世界末日都市。在那里,您必须找到被认为是人类摆脱外层空间威胁的最后希望!

核爆RPG:特鲁多格勒(ATOM RPG Trudograd) Mac 角色扮演游戏
所属分类:大小3G-6G  角色扮演 平台:Mac Os | 系统:(需64位CPU) OS X 10.12及以上 大小:5.12GB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2020年10月13日


核爆RPG:特鲁多格勒(ATOM RPG Trudograd) Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款基于回合的世界末日角色扮演游戏,它延续了Atom RPG作为独立续集/扩展的故事,并遵循了经典cRPG设定的传统,例如早期Fallout和Wasteland头衔。两年前,您-ATOM的一名新手代理商-被派去执行一次危险的任务,进入苏联废土。结果,您发现了有关新威胁的某些信息,这些新威胁可能会破坏人类的困境。
核爆RPG:特鲁多格勒 for Mac破解版游戏剧情
请注意:由于Trudograd延续了ATOM RPG的故事,因此建议在续集之前播放上一个标题。
Trudograd是ATOM RPG的独立故事扩展,它是在后世界末日的苏联中设定的回合制角色扮演游戏。
它的灵感来自过去的经典cRPG头衔,例如《 Fallout》,《荒原》和Baldur's Gate系列。
在ATOM RPG:Trudograd中,您的目标是前往经受了核毁灭和社会崩溃考验的巨大世界末日都市。在这里,您必须找到被认为是人类摆脱外层空间威胁的最后希望!
核爆RPG:特鲁多格勒 for Mac破解版游戏特色
能够从我们之前的游戏(ATOM RPG)中转移您的英雄;


Trudograd is a stand-alone story expansion to ATOM RPG - a turn-based roleplaying game set in post-apocalyptic Soviet Union.
It is inspired by classic cRPG titles of the past, such as early Fallout, Wasteland and Baldur’s Gate series.
22 years ago the USSR and the Western Bloc destroyed each other in a nuclear inferno. Millions died instantly, society collapsed and technology was sent back into the Middle Ages. You are a member of ATOM – an organization tasked with protecting the post-apocalyptic remnants of humanity.
Two years ago you – a rookie agent of ATOM – were sent on a dangerous mission into the Soviet Wastes. As a result, you uncovered certain information about a new threat that can potentially destroy the struggling remnants of humanity.
In ATOM RPG: Trudograd your goal is to travel to a giant post-apocalyptic metropolis that withstood the tests of nuclear obliteration and social collapse. There you must find what is thought to be humanity’s last hope in fending off the menace from outer space!
Trudograd features:

  • A large city with its own lore and dozens of varying locations to fight, trade, talk and explore in;
  • A hardcore turn-based experience with huge amounts of character development paths, combat styles, skills, perks and distinctions;
  • Unique characters each with their own personality and a robust branching dialogue;
  • Multiple-solution quests, which actively change the city around you;
  • Ability to transfer your hero from our previous game (ATOM RPG);
  • An easy game to pick up. While Trudograd is a continuation of the first game’s plot, it is also friendly towards new players, and will quickly fill you in on the lore and major developments you might have missed;
  • A result of a two year long community effort, made by players for players. This game encompasses a lot of changes from our previous title, that were inspired by user feedback.


Version 0.6.72:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


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文件下载 平台:Mac Os | 系统:(需64位CPU) OS X 10.12及以上 大小:5.12GB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解
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