Archiver Mac 压缩解压缩工具 v3.0.8(30800)

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Archiver是一款Mac Os平台上的压缩解压缩工具,用户只需要将文件拖放至解压处,即可快速进行解压、压缩,如果您的压缩文件过大您也可以选择进行文件切割。

Archiver Mac 压缩解压缩工具
所属分类:系统增强 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.12及以上 大小:20.28MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2019年10月20日


Archiver Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款优秀的压缩解压缩工具,具有压缩包加密、分卷压缩、压缩包内图片和音乐优化、压缩包内容预览等功能,支持拖拽压缩/解压缩,尤其是能够自动优化压缩图片和音乐类型的文件,软件的界面UI也非常的漂亮,支持所有常见的压缩格式,甚至支持Linux RPM、DMG、PAX等格式!
Archiver for Mac破解版功能特色
所以您下载了这个文件,您无法打开?不要被这个名字所迷惑 - Archiver是一个非常灵活的unArchiver,它可以解压你几乎所有的档案。使用Archiver,您可以提取RAR,StuffIt,Zip,7zip和更多流行(而不是流行!)存档文件格式。


Archiver makes reducing file size, extracting archives and splitting files fun and easy!

  • Archives as Easy as Pie – Archiver made working with archives easy. But we knew there was room for improvement, so we stepped up our efforts a gear to make working with archives even easier for you. Archiver 3 brings you a fresh interface, a blazing fast workflow and a quick preview.
  • Take a Quick Look – Say goodbye to extracting all files in an archive just to see what’s inside! With Archiver 3 you can take a sneak peak and preview archives. And it gets better: Archiver lets you extract only the files you really need. It’s all just a drag and a drop away.
  • Drag and Drop Delight – Never worry about archive formats again — Archiver’s drag-and-drop capability is back and smarter than ever! Just drag your files into the app and watch Archiver take care of the rest.
  • Shrink ‘Em Images and Music Files – Have you ever tried to send an image only to be told that the file is too large? Do your file uploads seem to take forever? Enter Archiver 3’s own compression format, with which you can truly shrink image and audio files.
  • MultiTask – Archiver 3 is geared to take full advantage of your Mac, allowing you to do a whole lot more at the same time. And it’s remarkably easy to do! By simply dragging in more archives, Archiver will extract them for you side-by-side all at once.
  • It’s a Secret to Everybody – Keep your data private, keep it secure! With Archiver 3 you can protect your sensitive files by packing them in encrypted, password-protected archives by entering the password you wish to use.
  • Split and Combine – Got a file too large for a disk or email? Archiver has always been great at splitting and combining files. With Archiver 3, you can now also create split archives. All you need to do is specify the size of each chunk, and you’re good to go!

Supported File Formats

  • Zip
  • RAR (rar, r00, r01, r02, …) [read only]
  • 7zip (7z, 7z.001, 7z.002, …)
  • Tar
  • Tar Gzip (tar.gz, tgz)
  • Tar Bzip2 (tar.bz2, tbz)
  • Tar Z (tar.Z)
  • CPIO (cpio)
  • ARJ [read only]
  • CAB [read only]
  • LhA (lha, lzh) [read only]
  • StuffIt (sit) [read only]
  • StuffIt Expander Archive (sea) [read only]
  • BinHex (hqx) [read only]
  • MacBinary (bin, macbin) [read only]
  • Linux RPM (rpm) [read only]
  • PAX [read only]
  • Amiga disk file (adf) [read only]
  • Compressed Amiga disk file (adz, ADZ) [read only]
  • Amiga DMS disk archive (dms, DMS) [read only]
  • Amiga LhF (f, F) [read only]
  • Amiga LZX (lzx) [read only]
  • Amiga DCS disk archive (dcs) [read only]
  • Amiga PackDev (pkd) [read only]
  • Amiga xMash disk archive (xms) [read only]
  • Amiga Zoom disk archive (zom) [read only]
  • HA archive [read only]


Version 3.0.8:

  • This update adds stability fixes and improvements


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“Archiver” Mac历史版本


文件下载 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.12及以上 大小:20.28MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解
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