Antidote Mac – 法语学习软件 v9 4.1

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Antidote Mac – 法语学习软件 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v9 4.1</span>
所属分类:其它工具 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.7及以上 大小:2.03GB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年04月10日


Antidote是知您网搜集到的Mac os x系统上学习法语的一套完整的软件参考工具。这是一款非常适合专业人士使用的法语写作工具,这些工具包括先进的语法检查一次修正的所有文字,十二词典的一个重要的收藏,汇编语法规则和互动。软件功能强大,操作简单,这是Mac平台上最好的法语学习软件,主要由文字处理器和电子邮件程序无缝集成,Antidote的工具是使你的文字尽可能接近母语。


Antidote is a complete set of software reference tools for writing French. Tools include an advanced grammar checker which corrects all the text at once, an important collection of twelve dictionaries, and an interactive compendium of grammar rules. Seamlessly integrated with major word processors and email programs, Antidote’s tools are as near as your text.
In a single operation, Antidote’s corrector flags all errors: from capitalization and verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies. Hover over an error to see suggested corrections and see their explanations pop up in a tooltip, then click to confirm them. After correcting spelling and grammar, move on to typography and style, where you will be warned about any repeated words or commonplace verbs. Even dates and numbers can be flagged thanks to the 200 smart filters that highlight relevant passages. No software has ever given you so much power to refine your writing.
Read a word’s full definition and any expressions or proverbs that feature it; see its plural form, how to pronounce it, its rhyming words and its etymology. With a single click, see a list of its synonyms and words from the same family. Discover its semantic field, quotations, word combinations, complete conjugation information, and see how all of these resources interact intelligently. With its incomparable depth, powerful search engines and breathtaking speed, Antidote pushes the limits of what dictionaries can do.
From grammar to style, from lexicon to syntax, the guides cover all aspects of writing. Quickly access a clear and concise description of the rules and their exceptions. Learn it all thanks to tips and carefully selected examples. Easily browse through related material or through all 350 articles, printing whenever you need to. With Antidote’s guides, it has never been so easy and enjoyable to write well.


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