Tower mac v2.5.3(Build 337)

Tower Mac版是MAC OS平台上的开发软件,使用一款GIT的客户端,能够让开发者更好的管理GIF工具,使得工作能更快更好的进行。

Git(gnu interactive tools)是Linux 内核开发的版本控制工具,采用了分布式版本库的方式,不必服务器端软件支持,使源代码的发布和交流极其方便。
Tower mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.5.3(Build 337)</span>的图片
Git 最为出色的是它的合并跟踪能力,简易,高效,功能强大。但是同时控制全部Git 可能会很困难,这时可以试一下Tower,它能助你一臂之力。


Tower is a powerful Git client for OS X that makes using Git easy and more efficient. Users benefit from its elegant and comprehensive interface and a feature set that lets them enjoy the full power of Git.
Learning Git with Tower. Tower abstracts Git’s complexity in an easy-to-use interface. For example, lots of actions can be performed simply via drag and drop, and mistakes can be undone easily.
Using Tower as an Expert. Advanced users can increase their productivity with features like single line staging, submodule support, or the file history.

// Features include:
- git-svn support
- file history
- submodule support
- blame view
- single line staging (per-line committing)
- cherry-picking
- discard chunks/lines
- direct Github, Beanstalk, and Bitbucket integration
- Support for full-screen and Retina displays in OS X 10.7 Lion
- many powerful drag-and-drop features include merge, rebase, push /pull to/from remote, apply stash, create new branch, etc.
Tower mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.5.3(Build 337)</span>的图片
Version 2.5.3:
- Detached HEAD management: Working in a detached HEAD environment is now smoother in the user interface; for example, when creating a new branch from a detached HEAD, the correct revision is proposed in the "Create Branch" dialog
- Fetching multiple remote repositories: When fetching multiple remote repositories in parallel (especially with custom RefSpecs in place), stability is now improved
- Progress for currently cloning remote repositories was improved
- Installing the Tower CLI tool: Some users reported problems installing our "gittower" CLI tool; we have made some changes that should now install / uninstall it even in edge cases
- Show HEAD branch shortcut: When using CMD+0 to select the current HEAD branch in the sidebar, Tower automatically expands a ref group that the HEAD is part of (e.g., the "feature" group when "feature/login" is checked out)
- Self-signed SSL certificates: When adding a server with a self-signed SSL certificate, some users where not able to accept / trust it; any trust errors should now be visible to the user
- Prefilling the "Create Tag" dialog: Creating a tag now offers a sensible, prefilled revision even when calling it in a detached HEAD scenario
- Loading a high amount of tags is now faster: With the "group refs in sidebar" setting activated and a lot of tags to load, performance should now be improved
- Bitbucket Server installations with "base paths": The Bitbucket Server API framework recently removed the path for host URLs; due to this, installations using base paths couldn't be added to Tower anymore--this should now be fixed
- GitLab installations with "base paths": The GitLab API framework also removed the path for host URLs recently; we have adapted Tower for these accounts, too
- Status indication for folders with conflicts: With the Working Copy view in "Tree" mode, folders that contained conflict files sometimes did not show the right status symbol
- Remote activity output is preserved: Tower now retains the output of remote activities (e.g. in the "Activity" window) so you can check it later
- Minor design improvements regarding gravatars and commit graph display


系统:mac 10.8及以上
版本:2.5.1(Build 329)
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)
开发商:fournova GmbH


2.5.3(Build 337)版:
1、城通网盘 | 2、百度网盘 | 3、微云下载
2.5.1(Build 329)版:
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载
2.5.0(Build 327)版:
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载
2.4.0(Build 315)版:
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载

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