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Submerge for Mac这是Mac上的一款能够将字幕添加到你的电影和电视节目的视频编辑软件。Submerge for Mac支持你播放器上几乎所有的电影视频,比如你的电脑,智能手机,便携设备,或游戏控制台中的所有视频文件。Submerge for Mac都能够完美知错字幕,你可以为最常见的设备在短短的几下点击后导出影片副标题。
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Submerge for Mac也有一个内置的字幕搜索和下载工具,使得寻找合适的字幕变得很容易。它还具有内置的全屏播放,这样你就可以直接在Submerge for Mac看字幕电影。
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5、可以预设视频转换格式,例如可以讲视频转为iPhone、iPod、iPad、Apple TV、Cellphone等设备所使用格式和分辨率,省去了转码的步骤;

Submerge is the easiest way to add hardcoded subtitles to your movies and TV shows.
The subtitled movie will play on almost anything, like your computer, smartphone, portable device, or game console. Submerge supports many text-based subtitle formats as input, and you can export the subtitled movie for the most common devices in just one click. Submerge also has a built-in subtitle search-and-download tool that makes finding the right subtitles really easy. It also has a fullscreen player built-in, so you can watch the subtitled movie directly within Submerge.

Create subtitled movies that are playable on your computer, smartphone, portable device or game console.
Add subtitles to almost any visual format like mov, avi, mkv, mp4 etc.
Supports the major subtitle file formats like SubRip (.srt), SubViewer 1 & 2 (.sub), SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) and MicroDVD.
Find subtitle files easily using the built-in subtitle search tool.
Exporter presets for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Cellphone, PSP, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.
Force aspect ratio to 16:9, 4:3 or 3:2 to use your monitor space more efficiently.
Watch subtitled movies in fullscreen without leaving the application.
Merge multiple movies together using simple copy and paste.
Localized in English, Italian, French, Finnish, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese/Brazilian, Dutch, German, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Traditional Chinese and Swedish.
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Version 3.3:
- FFmpeg updated to the 3.0 "Einstein" release.
- Now using AVFoundation for H.264 playback in MP4, M4V and MOV containers.
- Hardware decoding of H.264 in MP4, M4V and MOV containers automatically handled by AVFoundation.
- Now possible to export videos without an audio track.
- Fixed some visual glitches in the full screen HUD.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash on malformed metadata.


系统:mac 10.10及以上
语言:多国语言[中文] 分类:视频编辑
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.5)
开发商:Bitfield AB


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