QLab Mac – 专业的舞台音乐控制软件 v4.1.6

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QLab是一款Mac平台的音频编辑处理工具 ,用户可对WAV、MP3、MP2、MPEG、OGG、AVI、g721、g723、g726、vox、ram、pcm、wma、cda等格式的音频文件进行各式处理。如剪贴、复制、粘贴、多文件合并和混音等常规处理,对音频波形进行“反转”、“静音”、“放大”、“扩音”、“减弱”、“淡入”、“淡出”、“规则化”等常规处理;“混响”、“颤音”、“延迟”等特效;支持“槽带滤波器”、“带通滤波器”、“高通滤波器”、“低通滤波器”、“高频滤波器”、“低通滤波器”、“FFT滤波器”滤波处理。

QLab Mac – 专业的舞台音乐控制软件 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v4.1.6</span>的图片
所属分类:音频编辑 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.10及以上 大小:19.82MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年12月11日


QLab破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os 系统上一款久负盛名的专业舞台控制软件,做舞台演出,现场演出的需要高精度音频视频控制播放最佳的工具。英国皇家歌剧院,美国百老汇的同行都在用这个软件,最大限度的减少了人为的误操作,绝对无可取代。一个空格搞定一切CUE,方便简单。


QLab is a streamlined and intuitive Mac OS X application that provides the required tools and features to create complex designs that can bring your audio and video content to life.
Versatile and user-oriented show control
QLab’s user-oriented interface helps you design and handle your multimedia content from within a smooth-running and personalizeable workspace that allows you to manage audio, video, MIDI, OCS and more.
QLab comes with numerous building blocks, also known as “cues”, that can help you design your stunning multimedia performance with just a few mouse clicks. Once you dragged and dropped your files you can start adding commands to fade in and fade out the volume, animate videoclips and apply various video and audio effects.
User-definable scripts and numerous video and audio effects
After getting familiar with the basics, you can step up your game and become a power user by using complex features like scripting, multi-projector edge blending, video corner pinning and audio localization. What is more, you can build multi-computer designs and send commands to multiple QLab systems connected to the same local network.
When you are happy with your Cue List, you can give it a try and hit the “Go” button to preview your show. Thanks to the Warnings panel you can check your list and view all encountered issues.
Support for Blackmagic device input, as well as various types of video surfaces and a host of other similarly powerful tools
QLab comes with support for 48 output and 24 input audio channels, intuitive audio waveform editing, customizable playback rate with pitch adjustment, video and audio faders, animation tools, Matrix mixer, audio and video effects, Syphon integration, keystone correction and corner pinning.
You can also overlay titles, use live video input from various devices, including Blackmagic devices, handle multiple video surfaces, apply fade curves, slice files, use markers and use external video effects

Version 4.1.6:

  • Fixed: A regression introduced in 4.1.5 that would cause paused videos to play back at the wrong speed when restarted.
  • Fixed: An issue that would prevent seamless video loops when the entire video cue was looped.
  • Fixed: An issue that would prevent QLab from rendering to a screen for a surface if a new screen was connected to the same port that had previously been used to build the surface.
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented the highlight color of related cart cues from updating when the selection changed.
  • Fixed: Improved stability when connecting to QLab Remote using USB tethering.
  • Fixed: Various additional bug fixes, some which prevent crashes.


QLab Mac – 专业的舞台音乐控制软件 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v4.1.6</span>的图片




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