Movavi PDF Editor Mac – PDF编辑工具 v1.2.0

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哪款PDF编辑器好用?小编推荐Movavi PDF Editor for Mac,Movavi PDF Editor 1 Mac破解版的界面简洁,轻松帮你阅读和编辑PDF文件,功能齐全,还支持PDF页面导出功能,需要这款Movavi PDF Editor mac版的友友就来下载吧!

Movavi PDF Editor Mac – PDF编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.2.0</span>的图片
所属分类:办公软件 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.8及以上 大小:27.32MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2018年02月13日


Movavi PDF Editor破解版是一款macOS平台的PDF编辑工具,可以帮助我们快速查看PDF文件、快速编辑PDF文件、PDF多功能处理(PDF合并/单页面保存),并且将编辑后的PDF文件保存。
- 打开并查看PDF文件,导入图像
- 编辑文档:旋转,重新排列,添加和删除页面
- 将单个页面保存为新的PDF文档或图像
- 合并几个PDF或图像到一个新的PDF文档
- 在Mac电脑上阅读标准PDF文档:文本文档,文章,表格,小册子等
- 以PNG或JPG格式打开图片
- 在打开的文档中切换选项卡
- 缩放页面从25%到400%
- 更改页面顺序并将新页面添加到PDF
- 产品或价格变更时更新目录
- 从更大的文档中选择所需的页面,然后删除其余的页面
- 如果扫描方向错误,请将页面旋转90°或180°
- 从Word,Excel,Photoshop或AutoCAD将文档,图像和项目导出为PDF格式,然后在PDF编辑器中打开并组合它们
- 创建单个PDF文档来存储收据或月度报告的扫描
- 如果一个或两个页面未正确扫描,则无需重新扫描大型文档:再次扫描那些页面并将其添加到原始PDF文件
- 将单个PDF页面的内容从较大的文档保存为独立的PDF
- 将页面提取为JPG或PNG图像
- 将图像另存为PDF页面


Looking for a PDF reader for Mac with good editing tools? Most of the software for Mac that you can find online for download is not that great. Free desktop apps usually lack advanced options and have inadequate formatting tools, and higher-quality paid programs can be out of the question because of their high price. We decided to combine the best features of the available OS X PDF editors without the drawbacks to come up with a Mac PDF Editor you’ll like. Create and update contract drafts, combine multiple scans into PDF files, and much more!
PDF and Image Viewing

  • Read standard PDF documents on Mac computers: text documents, articles, forms, booklets, and more
  • Open pictures in PNG or JPG formats
  • Switch between tabs in open documents
  • Scale pages from 25% to 400%

Document Editing

  • Add, extract, and remove pages. Create new documents from selected pages
  • Rotate and rearrange pages within a document
  • Add images of seals and signatures into documents in just one click
  • Insert JPG and PNG images into PDF pages; change the size of the images, their orientation and position on a page

File Merging

  • Export documents, images, and projects from Word, Excel, Photoshop, or AutoCAD as PDFs, then open and combine them in the PDF Editor
  • Create a single PDF document to store scans of receipts or monthly reports
  • Merge JPG scans in a PDF file after digitizing a large document with a scanner with a small amount of memory
  • No need to re-scan a large document if one or two pages weren’t scanned correctly: scan just those pages again and add them to the original PDF file

Page Export

  • Save the contents of individual PDF pages from larger documents as standalone PDFs
  • Extract pages as JPG or PNG images
  • Save images as PDF pages


Version 1.2.0:

  • You can now copy any text to a clipboard in text documents
  • Сomments and other annotations can now be displayed
  • The problem was fixed with occasional program termination when deleting a page
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


Movavi PDF Editor Mac – PDF编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.2.0</span>的图片


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