MAMP Pro Mac – 本地服务器搭建工具 v4.2.1

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MAMP Pro是一款Mac平台的本地服务器搭建工具,让我们实现用mac做服务器,MAMP这几个首字母代表苹果的OSX系统上的Macintosh、Apache、MySQL和PHP,顾名思义,你应该知道MAMP的强大功能 啦!MAMP 内含 Apache 伺服器、PHP 安装套件以及MySQL安装套件。只要轻松点选就能安装架站/讨论区/论坛必备的元件。透过Web界面稍作设定,在苹果电脑上架设自己专属的网站,就是这 么简单又开心的事情和windows下的XAMPP,Linux下的LAMP一样。都是Apache+Mysql+PHP的集成环境。

MAMP Pro Mac – 本地服务器搭建工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v4.2.1</span>的图片
所属分类:编程开发 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.10及以上 大小:337.01MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年10月12日


MAMP Pro破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上搭建本地服务器环境的组合软件套装,包含 Macintosh、Apache、MySQL和PHP四大开发环境。
MAMP内含Apache 伺服器、PHP 安装套件以及MySQL安装套件。只要轻松点选就能安装架站/讨论区/论坛必备的元件。透过Web界面稍作设定,在苹果电脑上架设自己专属的网站,就是这么简单又开心的事情和windows下的XAMPP,Linux下的LAMP一样。都是Apache+Mysql+PHP的集成环境。


MAMP PRO is the commercial, professional grade version of the classic local server environment for OS X: MAMP. Designed for professional Web developers and programmers, MAMP Pro allows easy installation and administration of their development environment under OS X.
As a professional Web developer you have to test your programs in detail. In addition, you need a highly configurable developing environment with all the components also used by most ISPs: Apache, MySQL and PHP in the latest stable versions. No matter whether you want to test your latest AJAX creation, or realize a new page with webEdition: MAMP Pro supports you during the tests of your developments. You can set up any number of servers to carry out tests without danger for your live system. Besides, the local name resolution is performed by MAMP Pro. To simulate a very authentic environment, the MAMP Pro also switches on the local mail server, so that dispatching mails by PHP scripts is possible.
The freely available standard design “MAMP” is automatically coinstalled with MAMP Pro. Thus all MAMP features are available to you immediately:

  • Apache Web server
  • MySQL database server
  • phpMyAdmin to access the MySQL database
  • PHP as a module for the Web server
  • Company of Web server and database on standard or individual port


Version 4.2.1:

  • Updated components

    • Apache 2.2.32
    • Nginx 1.13.2
    • PHP 7.0.20 & 7.1.6
    • phpMyAdmin 4.7.2
    • phpLiteAdmin
    • Imagick 2.4.3
    • Igbinary 2.0.1 for PHP
    • Removed components:
    • SQLite Manager 1.2.4
  • Dropbox Support for storing hosts data to and loading host data from Dropbox (document root and databases)
  • Databases and/or tables can be mapped to hosts and can be automatically removed when a host is deleted.
  • A page in the editors RealView can now be made "sticky": switching files in the editor will not change the page shown in RealView
  • Optionally choose not to resolve aliases and links when choosing a document root folder, certificate, key and chain files
  • Fixed a crash when Memcached was part of GroupStart and servers were set up to launch at system start
  • X.509 extension Subject Alternative Name (SAN, subjectAltName) added to self-signed certificates
  • Newer versions of MySQLWorkbench from Oracle will be correctly recognized.
  • Improved blocked port detection
  • If required network ports are blocked by non-MAMP software, you can let MAMP PRO find free ports on its own.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a certificate chain file
  • MySQL Health Check to test if MySQL is running and accepting connections
  • Assets folder will now only be created when needed.
  • Columns in the hosts table can be reordered and hidden.
  • Hosts table can be zoomed to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • Improved Host Overview with faster preview generation and direct access to more functions
  • Scrappad data is preserved during application runs.
  • Improved Apache & Nginx SSL and non-SSL configurations
  • Improved server startups
  • Internal changes to prepare for the next major "MAMP Viewer" release



“MAMP PRO”历史版本


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