iMazing Mac – 抛弃iTunes管理你的iPhone v2.4.1(7978)

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iMazing是一款Mac平台的 iOS 设备管理工具,这款软件原来的名字叫做「DiskAid」,现在改名为了「iMazing」,iMazing 可以让我们方便管理iOS设备的短信、联系人、照片、视频、音乐等等,方便在Mac和iOS设备间传输文件,界面也很漂亮,非常的不错!

iMazing Mac – 抛弃iTunes管理你的iPhone <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.4.1(7978)</span>的图片
所属分类:文件管理 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.7及以上 大小:81.61MB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年09月21日


iMazing破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款帮助用户管理手机的Mac手机助手,iMazing for mac是能力远超iTunes提供的终极的iOS设备管理器。IMazing与你的iOS设备(iPhone、iPad 或iPod)相连,使用起来非常的方便。
您可以:将音乐从任何 iOS 设备上进行复制(即使是从一个 iOS 设备到另一个!)  ;它的音乐复制如何,你总是希望它可以无限制备份 & 还原个别的 iOS 应用程序和自定义保存的数据,完美腾出你的 iOS 设备上的空间,而不会丢失您的文件(或在游戏中的进度) 或复制该应用程序作为-是另一个 iOS 设备。
1、传输文件,从 iOS 设备上,以及浏览 iOS 文件系统。
2、使用你的 iOS 设备像外部驱动器。
3、浏览和保存消息 (短信,彩信,iMessage)、 语音邮件和呼叫日志,没有哪个 iTunes 可以做。
4、浏览、 保存并将联系人添加到你的 iPhone,而不会自动将其添加到您的 iCloud 账户。
5、管理多个相同的 iOS 设备和还原备份中的任何一个 (类似于时间机器的 iOS)。
6、其他令人惊奇的事情你可能想不到 !


iMazing (was DiskAid) is the ultimate iOS device manager with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can:

  • Copy music to and from any iOS device (even from one iOS device to another!), regardless of what Mac or PC the device is already synced to. Music transfer done right, without limitations or restrictions.
  • Backup and restore individual iOS apps along with your custom saved data, perfect for freeing up space on your iOS device without losing your files, great for installing apps including your data on another iOS device you own.
  • Transfer files to and from an iOS device, and browse the iOS file system.
  • Use your iOS device like a USB key.
  • Browse and save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voicemails, and call logs, none of which iTunes can do.
  • Browse, save, and add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account.
  • Browse and manage multiple backups of the same iOS device. Chose which data sets you want to restore.
  • And other amazing things you never thought possible!


Version 2.4.1:

  • Backups: iMazing and iMazing Mini will now attempt to automatically mount network drives if they are active backup locations.
  • Device Info: Exporting device info now includes paths of apps, including GUID.
  • UI: Changed the way devices and backups are grouped in the sidebar. The new sections are: Available, Disconnected, Old Backups, Editable Backups. Backup location is now displayed in the device’s description text along with backup size.
  • UI: Battery icon and disk usage bar are now clickable to display extra info.
  • UI: Device info is now showing the backup location, backup size and number of backups


  • Backup: Fixed rare issue with backups to external drives where a new Apple backup error was not correctly intercepted, resulting in a ‘Missing Status.plist’ error.
  • Transfer to device (iMazing): Improved handling of ‘dangling’ syncs when transferring music, photos, videos or iBooks to devices (‘Error Communicating with Device’ error)
  • Review all devices (Mini): Fixed case where reviewing settings of all devices could reset battery notification and min battery settings.
  • Fixed iMazing’s window not displaying immediately at startup if login items contain an external drive which is not available or slow (network drive).
  • Notes (iMazing): fixed case where some notes could be missing if the user had notes in both the old iOS 9 format and the new iOS 10 one.
  • Notifications "Serious mode" (Mini): is now working properly


iMazing Mac – 抛弃iTunes管理你的iPhone <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.4.1(7978)</span>的图片




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