Framer Mac – 移动应用原型设计工具 v89

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Framer for Mac是一个设计工具,使用代码做任何可能的事情。Framer允许您从简单的代码开始,使您的设计更具生命力。在任何设备上测试,随时随地重复,轻松共享反馈。

Framer Mac – 移动应用原型设计工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v89</span>的图片
所属分类:编程开发 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.10及以上 大小:58.12MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年04月29日


Framer是知您网搜集到的Mac os x系统上一款强大的移动原型设计工具,基于Framer.js快速原型框架,可以快速的创建可交互的原型,支持移动应用的原型设计,集成了Photoshop & Sketch等软件,可以快速的将这些软件的源文件导入到原型中,受到了Google、Dropbox等公司的推荐。


Framer lets you start with simple code to bring your design to life. Test it on any device, iterate as you go and share easily for feedback. Pioneer new interaction patterns or create groundbreaking animation. No limits, no constraints.
- Code has never been this easy. Auto-Code makes starting a project as easy as inserting a layer. Define an interaction or manipulate its properties directly in the panel and watch as your code writes itself. Simple syntax, preloaded actions, and auto-complete commands take you from basic designs to advanced prototypes in no time.
- Live editing in every device. Drag icons, resize images, or move layers directly in the visual canvas. No matter what you do, Auto-Code keeps up with you. Need to see your prototype in its native environment? Framer supports multiple platforms – iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows or Web.
- Unleash your creativity. Go beyond existing transitions and quick animations. Incorporate real world data and build next level interfaces using custom components. It’s the perfect environment for inventing the impossible.

  • Motion – Fine tune animation to make layers move in perfect harmony.
  • Touch – Choose preloaded native interaction patters or customize your own.
  • Depth – Respond to orientation changes and tilt layers in 3D space.
  • Input – Capture real user in put to test and work with actual user data.
  • Data – Pull in profile photos, user names, or anything with an API.
  • Adaptive – Make responsive prototypes that adapt to user interaction.

- Boost your design workflow. Import graphics directly from Sketch or Photoshop. Changes to your mockups are easily synced to Framer. Ready for feedback? Present in fullscreen, view on a mobile device or share with the world.
- Get started today. Jump into Framer however makes sense to you. Start with a step-by-step guide, take a Skillshare class or watch a video tutorial on Youtube. Or join our community and get real-time responses to your design questions.

  • Resources – Beginner articles, in-depth tutorials, and modules.
  • Sketch Import – Step-by-step guide to organize and import.
  • Device Preview – Get the iOS and Android companion apps.
  • Community – Join th emain Framer group or RSVP to a meetup.


Version 89:

  • New sidebar with instant access to layers, states, animations and more
  • All-new detachable preview window
  • New preview modes without devices
  • New welcome window with examples and resources
  • The TextLayer to the library
  • Insert Menu item for the TextLayer
  • In-App Docs and Auto-Complete for the TextLayer
  • A utility to load web fonts to the library
  • The RangeSliderComponent to the library
  • Snippet for the RangeSliderComponent
  • Auto-Completion for the SliderComponent
  • Auto-Completion for the RangeSliderComponent
  • Auto-Completion for Value Change Events
  • In-app documentation of the RangeSliderComponent
  • A new Spring curve syntax, using damping
  • The ability to time your Spring animations
  • Auto-Code support for the new Spring syntax
  • Right-click to copy layer animation values
  • Cmd + Click on a layer in the panel to edit its state


  • Device switching with quick access to various platforms
  • Cleaner, more concise snippets
  • Welcome window examples
  • In-app Cloud integration
  • In-app documentation of Value Change Events
  • In-app documentation of the SliderComponent
  • Syntax of Easing animation curves
  • Syntax of Bezier animation curves
  • FlowComponent Auto-Complete


  • Fixed errors when editing states within events
  • Fixed right-click in properties panel
  • Welcome window projects would show an update dialog
  • Update Library window would not show
  • Preview would show indefinite spinner on some Macs
  • Editing index.html in the project folder would cause a reload without unsaved changes
  • Scrolling to top when reopening in-app docs
  • Removed deprecated syntax from Auto-Complete


Framer Mac – 移动应用原型设计工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v89</span>的图片




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