CrossFTP mac v1.97.7

CrossFTP for mac是一款非常给力的Mac OS FTP客户端软件,简直就是Mac上的FlashFXP。CrossFTP for mac支持中文,且免费,而且在界面和功能上和FlashFXP以及CuteFTP类似。
CrossFTP mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.97.7</span>的图片
CrossFTP for mac服务器的网络启动构建专业级FTP系统,的 CrossFTP 涵盖了所有 FTP 客户端应有的基础功能,经典两栏视图,还有多标签、密码保护、批量传输等特性。
CrossFTP mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.97.7</span>的图片

CrossFTP is an FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and Google Storage client.

CrossFTP is free. CrossFTP Pro requires a license fee, and further supports SFTP, FXP, WebDav, scheduled transfer, directory sync, compression, encryption, etc. It uses a two-pane interface so that the novice user can master it in minutes.

Powerful FTP and Amazon S3 client
Unicode support for international sites
Bonjour service discovery
Site password protection
Multi-tab navigation
Archive browsing (.zip,.tar.gz,etc.), extraction, and compression
Fast filtering by masks
Transfer compression (mode Z)
Web searching
Auto-reconnecting and anti-idle
Sound and event triggers
Multi-part upload
CrossFTP Pro version is available by a license fee, which further features:

Improved Amazon S3 support
Improved Amazon Glacier support
Compressing support
Local encryption support
Directory synchronization
CouldFront CDN support
Mutli-thread queue engine
Backup and bi-directional synchronization tool
Secure file transport (SSL/TLS)
FXP (Site to Site) file transport
IPv6 support
FTPS/SSH file transport
WebDav(s) and iDisk support
Remote file edit and save
Search for remote files and local archive files
Speed limitation support
URL generation for FTP, S3, private distribution, etc.
CrossFTP mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.97.7</span>的图片
Version 1.97.7:
Allow empty folder's creation in directory sync.
Fix that in some situations the FXP cannot work.
Fix Google cloud storage's OAuth2 connection issues


系统:mac 10.7及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.5)
开发商:CrossFTP SoftWare


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